About Everyday Significance

Helping People Connect Christ-Centered Faith to Everyday Life

We’re convinced that God’s great epic of eternity isn’t just happening “out there” somewhere in the heavenly realms. His sovereign hand is at work, crafting a masterpiece right here, right now, in the context of software installations, diesel engine repairs, southern-style barbecue, and shopping trips to Walmart—in the context of our everyday lives.

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How It All Began

About Paul Rude

My name is Paul Rude. Most of my life I’ve been too self-absorbed—too stupid—to step back and behold the true wonder of God’s grace in my life. My eyes are clearer now. I’m in awe of God.

I love to see people follow their God-given calling—joyfully and without regrets. Before launching Everyday Significance, I spent eight years working in missions as a ministry leader. Prior to that, I spent a decade in the adrenalin rush of Fortune 500 finance—and loved it. Now I help Christians everywhere avoid the pitfall of the sacred-secular divide.

When I’m not speaking, consulting, or writing, you might find me climbing mountains or playing paintball with my sons.

My wife, Misty, is beautiful and amazing. We have five kids and numerous pets, and we recently moved from rural Alaska to Colorado Springs, Colorado.