Discover the Extraordinary Worth
of What You Do Every Day

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Have you ever wondered, “Is my work really making a difference?” Maybe you’re questioning your calling, wondering if you missed it somewhere along the way.

In Significant Work, Paul invites you to discover the extraordinary significance of every job and every task you do. Never again will you doubt the eternal value of your work—or of your life. You’ll find peace with your calling. And you’ll know that through your unique, God-given vocation today, God is preparing you for your eternal vocation—your own unique capacity to reflect His glory forever.

Discover why your work matters, understand the purpose behind it, and fully grasp the biblical motivation for everything you do. With engaging stories and sound theology, Paul takes aim at the lie of vocational guilt—the lie that says people in ministry have a more significant life than those who work in marketplace jobs. He shatters that lie with the truth of the written Word of God.

“Excellent work in a needed area. Readable. Solid. The textual engagement is well done, grounded, and consistently returns the reader to the well of Romans 8.”
—Rick Shenk, Pastor and Seminary Professor

“My work counts! It all counts toward eternity. Almost unbelievable at first, but what a comfort this brings. It lifts my spirits and encourages me to carry on.”
—Karen Hansel, Copywriter & Mom

“I came away feeling more like a person made in God’s image—desiring to work hard, knowing it all pleases Him.”
—Johnathan Newman, Pastor

“From the first pages of this book, the fact of my secular work actually glorifying God hit me! The concept of my day-to-day labor really making up the fabric of the Kingdom blew my mind.”
—Glenn Johnson, Network Engineer